# Getting started

This guide is for developers who wish to use Paralink as an oracle solution for their smart contracts, as well as for node operators who wish to provide a trusted oracle service or create their own oracle quorum.

# Oracle Types

Paralink network offers traditional as well as fully decentralized oracle solutions, with pros and cons of each outlined in the whitepaper:

  • Smart contract oracles for EVM and WASM (Paralink Oracle)
  • Oracle Quorums with XCMP/Bridge relayers (Paralink Chain)

As part of the developer guide we will walk you through each of the oracle solutions and provide example implementations.

# Base Components

Paralink Oracles run on smart contract chains (Ethereum, Plasm, Moonbeam, etc) and are powered by our open-source oracle contracts for EVM and WASM runtimes.

Oracle Quorums where on-chain consensus is achieved through our Substrate based blockchain (currently in testnet phase).

Both oracle solutions above use Paralink Query Language and the Paralink Node for servicing the underlying oracle requests.

# Supported Networks

# Ethereum chains

Network Paralink Node Paralink Oracle (EVM) Bridge
Ethereum TBD
Binance Smart Chain TBD

# Polkadot chains

Network Paralink Node EVM Oracle WASM Oracle XCMP
Network Paralink Node Oracle Quorum Bridge/XCMP
Paralink Testnet TBD TBD
Paralink on Kusama TBD TBD TBD
Paralink on Polkadot TBD TBD TBD

# Result Routing

The following schematic shows the results delivery path for different oracle types.

In the case of Simple Oracles, the callbacks are executed by the Paralink Node directly, to the address specified in PQL definition.

With Paralink Oracles (formerly Trusted Oracle/Ingress), the Paralink Node is used to interact with the on-chain oracle contract, which delivers the callback result to the target smart contract.

In oracle quorums the oracles submit result proposals using the Paralink Node. Paralink blockchain (as parachain) itself is responsible for aggregation and validation of the final result. Relayers send the final result to other parachains via XCMP and to other blockchains via respective bridge.